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cash discount program

Aren’t cash discount programs and premium programs the same thing?

Entrepreneurs around the world are checking out the cash discount program.

It’s not hard to see why, as most business owners are losing 2-4% in credit card processing fees with every transaction.

In an age where everyone wants cheap, instant things like same-day financing, it’s no wonder cash discount credit card processing is booming.

Cash discount processing is gaining popularity in the United States, but if you think about it, you’ve probably seen them for decades.

Gas stations have used prompt payment discounts on the price of gasoline for many years. If you pay cash, it costs a little less per gallon. If you pay with a credit card or a gift card, the cost is the one that appears on the sign and at the pump.

What is a prompt payment discount program?

A cash discount program is a type of credit card processing that returns the cost of acceptance to customers who choose to pay by credit or debit card. Merchant cash discount services allow business owners to continue to accept major credit cards but without the 3-4% loss in fees.

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READ BELOW to see an example of how a merchant cash discount program works.

cash payment


A convenience store customer walks up to the register with $20 worth of merchandise. Notice a sign next to the cash register explaining that a 4% service charge is added to all store sales. By paying cash, he gets an instant 4% discount.

The clerk scans all of his products, which add up to exactly $20.

The customer informs the clerk that she is going to pay in cash, which brings the total to $20.

Most banks also allow their customers to withdraw cash through a cash advance to make the money more accessible to the customer.

Real-time payments made in the form of cash will end up saving the customer some money. Using a credit card can lead to easier and faster payments, but you will be charged a small fee or surcharge for doing so.

A discount is offered to customers who pay in cash. They are essentially rewarded for paying with cash. So even though credit card companies prefer that their customers pay with cards, they are actually rewarded for using cash.

credit card payment


A convenience store customer walks up to the register with $20 worth of groceries. She notices a sign by the cash register explaining that a 4% service charge is added to all store sales. By paying cash, she gets an instant 4% discount.

The clerk scans all of her products, which add up to exactly $20.

The customer informs the clerk that she is going to pay by credit card, and the total price of the products changes, so she will pay a total of $20.80.

The customer inserts her card into the terminal to pay for her products and is charged a total of $20.80 to cover the cost of accepting the credit.

The customer completes the transaction and walks away having paid $20.80 for $20 worth of products, knowing that she could have saved 80 cents if she had paid cash.

The cash discount program allows the customer to pay with a credit card, as usual. The difference is that you can choose between paying the commission that would normally go to you, the business owner, or using the cash to get a discount.

In the two cases above, the cost of the merchandise brought to the register was exactly $20. This is what the business has set as the price of merchandise on a credit card. The customer who pays in cash is deducted $0.80 from the transaction as a cash discount, instead of paying the extra 80 cents to cover the handling fee.

By paying cash, the first customer saved 4% on their products when buying them at the cash price.

Paying by credit card can speed up payments, but the second customer incurred the credit card processing fee and paid the cost of processing a credit card payment, so the business didn’t have to cover that cost.

By using merchant processing with a cash discount, the business receives the full amount of each transaction without having to pay any credit card processing costs or fees.

As payment innovation continues to evolve, you’ll see your customers increasingly using credit cards as real-time payments. This is because innovation in payments makes paying by card much more convenient for the buyer.

How does the early payment discount work?
The prompt payment discount works by giving a discount to all customers who choose to pay with cash instead of a credit or debit card. Customers who choose to pay by credit card will pay the marked amount because the processing cost is built into the cost of the product. This allows the business owner to obtain full payment from the customer and not incur credit card processing fees. READ BELOW to see an example of how a merchant cash discount program works.
Is it legal to offer a discount for early payment?
One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “Is the prompt payment discount legal?” 100% yes, our credit card cash discount program is legal, using a cash discount at the point of sale is completely legal in all 50 states. A cash discount can easily be confused with a credit card fee or surcharge, which is only legal in 40 of the 50 United States. (Surcharges are illegal in Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Kansas, Florida, Connecticut, Colorado, and California.)
What is a recharge program?
A surcharge program is a type of credit card processing in which the consumer is charged an additional fee or surcharge on the cost of products to cover the merchant’s processing cost. Currently, surcharge programs are only legal in 40 states, while early payment discount programs are legal in all 50 states.
Offering cash discounts is almost always better received by the customer compared to adding a markup fee.
Is it legal to pass on credit card commissions to customers?
Yes, it is legal to pass on credit card fees to customers. It is legal and in accordance with the law to pass on commissions through surcharge and discount programs for early payment. Late fees are legal in 40 states, while early payment discount programs are legal in all 50 states.
While it is legal to pass on credit card fees to customers, we may be asking the wrong question. The legality of passing on commissions to clients is covered by the Durbin Amendment as part of the Dodd-Frank Act (financial reform law).
However, the question to be asked is whether the card brand will allow merchant service fees and processing costs to be passed on to the customer. Before establishing a program for your business, it is vital that you read the acceptance policies of the major credit card providers.
What is the difference between a cash discount program and a surcharge program?
A cash discount program and a surcharge program are payment systems that businesses use to recover merchant service fees that are charged each time a customer presents a credit card as a form of payment. A surcharge program adds an additional fee at checkout to cover commercial service fees. A true cash discount program offers the customer a cash discount while avoiding any additional costs.
In many establishments that offer a cash discount program, the regular price or the prices published on each item are prices for payment by credit card. Any card payment method other than cash keeps the item price the same to cover credit card processing costs, but using cash will reduce the cost by up to 4%. With our cash discount credit card processing, your customers will love you. When it comes to offering a credit card surcharge versus a cash discount, what will your customer appreciate more? No one likes being pressured into added commissions (isn’t that why you’re here?), but everyone likes discounts.
Are debit cards subject to surcharge fees?
No, surcharge rates cannot be applied to debit cards or other forms of prepaid cards, such as gift cards. Surcharge rates are directed at credit card purchases, not cash purchases, as savings to the merchant on credit card fees. Debit card transactions do not have the same fees and have a different fee structure than credit cards or gift cards. Debit cards are charged a flat fee when presented as a means of payment.
The debit card ban is nationwide, while customers paying with American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard may be subject to additional fees in certain states. Visa, Mastercard, and other cards within the payment card networks may have a surcharge added to the final total, but not debit cards.
Surcharge program fees are often referred to as customer service fees, as they are associated with fixed costs.
What are the average commissions for processing credit cards?
Average credit card processing fees are between 2% and 4% for most companies. Each business account has a set credit card transaction fee that it charges for qualified cards, mid-qualified cards, and non-qualified cards. The rate differs in most cases for each credit card transaction. Actual payment processing fees and monthly fees are determined based on card types, and any merchant fees are added to the actual cost of processing a credit payment.
The merchant service provider takes into account the volume of cards and the merchant’s average ticket to determine the commissions that will be applied for accepting credit cards. If the card volume is high and the average ticket is low, a different fee percentage and transfer rate will apply than those with a low card volume and a higher average ticket.
Mobile payments and online payments through a virtual terminal also have a different fee structure depending on whether or not the card is present during the transaction. The fee charged to a company is based on risk but is usually an average of 2-4% of the value of the transaction.

The Advantages of a Prompt Payment Discount Program

  • All processing fees are gone forever. You will never have to pay a processing fee again.
  • Your customers don’t have to pay a processing fee unless they want to. If they decide that the rewards on their card are worth the cost of acceptance, they will pay by card. If they want the cheapest price possible, paying with cash gives them what they want.
  • It is easy to change. You receive the store signs as required by law and the terminal is very easy to set up.
  • Tips are excluded from the cash shortage adjustment. If your business accepts tips, there is no additional charge to the tip price for the customer or business owner.
  • You won’t have to switch processors again. When you pay nothing for your business services account, it can be the account you use for the life of your business. Imagine being able to tell credit and debit card sellers that your merchant cash discount account costs you $0 each month. You’ll never have to argue with another credit card seller again.
  • Free terminals are available. Depending on your monthly processing volume, there are free terminals available for your business, designed to work with the early payment discount program.
  • Free point of sale payment systems is available. Depending on your monthly processing volume and type of business, we have a free point of sale system for your business that works with the early payment discount program.
  • No hidden fees. You won’t find any surprising line items on your statement hiding fees you shouldn’t be paying. Your statement will say $0 at the end of each month as long as you accept all types of major card brands as payment for your business.
  • Cash purchases are fantastic for fraud prevention. Since most people carry cash, paying cash means you can check any invoice right at the point of sale for fraud, and be sure you’re getting paid for each and every transaction. By maintaining PCI compliance standards, you will be safe from fraud.

Trying it carries no risk.

Unlike most commercial processors, we only work on monthly contracts. It is not just a marketing tool. We believe that if you don’t want to work with us, you shouldn’t. We don’t lock anyone into three-year contracts or hide commissions in legal gibberish in a 25-page contract.

If you want to see if the credit card processing early payment discount program is right for your business, it’s easy to give it a try. If you don’t like it for any reason, simply return the terminal to us and continue processing with your current processor.

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