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Accept payment methods

The free Point of Sale (POS) system you can get from TowersPay will give your business the freedom to accept both cash and credit card purchases.

Our free POS system can accept all major credit card brands. From Mastercard and Visa to Discover, you’ll be able to accept payments from all major types of credit cards. One of the main problems with other POS solutions is the inability to accept the main card brands. With this POS system, you won’t find that problem.

Receipt Printing

This free point of sale system has the ability to connect with receipt printers to give your customer a copy of their receipt after a purchase. With this capability, you won’t need third-party equipment to ship purchases and then send them to a printer.

Instead, everything can be sent directly from your POS system to your printer quickly and securely, as long as there is an established internet connection. In addition, there is the option to go paperless and send a digital receipt.

Manage Inventory

Having POS software with an advanced inventory tracking system is a great advantage. It will give you one less thing to worry about as a business owner.

This business management system can give you specific statistics about the inventory you currently have in stock, as well as sales reports and sales analysis and the number of sales for each item.

Inventory software can provide you with the most useful information you need. Having the real-time status of your inventory in one place with the option to export it to other folders or files is a useful feature that can further simplify the inventory management process.

Manage Clients

Your POS system will be able to manage your customers through data on their preferences and previous purchases. With this customer data, you can learn how to approach each of your customers and be able to improve customer relationships by offering products that are relevant to what they want based on their previous purchases.

This software also helps you keep track of customers through any loyalty programs you may offer. Having a customer loyalty program will help you significantly in your relationship with them since you can personally contact them with exclusive offers, or even send them a discount and a happy birthday message on their special day of the year.

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Why do you need a POS system?

Need to process credit cards

A business that only accepts cash will lose hundreds or thousands of dollars by not accepting credit cards, plain and simple. As cash payments continue to decline and credit card payments continue to rise, don’t be left behind.

For a business to thrive and grow to its potential, it must be able to accept the most popular form of payment out there, which is what our credit card POS systems will help you do.

Help manage the business

From customer and employee management to inventory management, your POS system can really help you run your business. With these features, you will be able to stay organized and approach your customers in the best possible way.

With employee management software, you can simply and easily manage schedules, keep track of timestamps, and even communicate with employees. It is a very useful software that can help make running and managing your business easier.

The built-in management software provided by the free TowersPay POS makes it easier than ever to manage your business from your own terminal.

How to know which POS to acquire

What is the best POS?

The best POS machine and the best POS software are the ones that are free. Most free POS systems can do all the basics that more expensive POS systems do. Expensive POS systems may come with a few extra features, like accounting software, but that’s about all you’ll get extra by deciding to pay for a POS system. Even with equipment financing, the paid versions of these POS systems can be very expensive. So how do you know which free POS software is the best?

Which free POS software is the best?

The best free POS software, because the systems themselves are largely the same, is the one that is connected to the best payment processor.

The fees charged by the payment processor are where things can get very expensive for you. A cheap POS system or a free POS system won’t mean much if you’re connected to an expensive payment processor.

What is the cheapest POS?

The cheapest POS system, then, is a free POS system that is tied to the best, cheapest processor. Many payment processing companies will try to lure you in with promises of a free POS system, hoping you won’t notice how expensive their monthly fees and transaction fees are.

Why you should choose TowersPay

You Will Come First

With the great customer service provided by TowersPay, you can be sure that you will be put first as the customer. Without our customers, we would have no business.

We are aware of this, and our dedication to our clients can be seen in the way we treat them. We will not raise your processing fees and will keep them the same for as long as you process with us.

Great Rates

TowersPays rates are totally unbeatable. In addition to options like zero-fee processing and an early payment discount program, our fees are lower than the competition overall.

Small businesses and startups love us because the low fees allow them to grow faster than using another payment processing option like PayPal or Square POS. They love that our small business POS software is the same as our midsize and large business software, so they feel like they’re treated the same as a larger customer.

Our POS system works very well for businesses of all sizes. Our software for small business owners will provide a necessary way to help manage while being profitable and allowing the business to grow.

Plus, we work on a month-to-month basis, so you won’t have to sign long and confusing contracts. Instead, you’ll be with us on a monthly basis, and even better, there’s no cancellation fee if you choose to process credit card payments with someone else. Nothing to lose!

Brick And Mortar

TowersPay can provide you with a way to process credit cards through a brick-and-mortar payment solution. Our free POS system with credit card processing can transform a tablet into a payment processor and cash register. If you have an iPad, for example, the POS system can act as an iPad POS software and turn your iPad into a POS system.

While there are other ways to give your business a brick-and-mortar payment processing solution, such as a physical credit card terminal, a TowersPay OTC system can turn a product you may already have into a system POS credit card processing.

POS Software For Shops And Restaurants

TowersPay’s credit card POS system works great for all types of businesses, including restaurants and retail stores. The POS system will help with restaurant management, similar to how it helps with inventory and customer management.

From a quick-service restaurant to a fine dining establishment, your free POS software will do the work of processing credit cards, while also providing restaurant management.

The Retail POS tends to be the more standard version of the POS. Its main features include the ability to issue refunds, inventory management, and customer management. Through these features, you can get an overview of your business as a whole.

High-Risk Business

With extensive experience processing businesses that some processors may view as high risk, your business can trust TowersPay to process your high-risk business.

Many times, it can be difficult to find a processor that is willing to take on high-risk business. A liquor store, for example, would be considered a high-risk retail business.

It can be difficult for them to find a liquor store point of sale system because not many processors want to risk something going wrong and losing money on that account.

Many bars even run into this problem. It is difficult for them to find available bar POS options because a bar bill can stay open for a long time and sometimes not even be paid.

While other processors may hold your funds or cancel your merchant account entirely, TowersPay has the experience you want from a high-risk credit card processor.