Boost your business with a versatile retail POS system from TowersPay Processing

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Versatile POS system for retail

Your payment processing solution should be as simple and easy to use as possible. If a flat rate is charged, retail and store rates should not vary and will remain the same regardless of other factors.

TowersPay’s Retail POS system has an easy-to-access interface and control panel. It is a tablet-based point of sale solution and can be used on a tablet such as an iPad. It was initiated and designed to help streamline small businesses and help them get started with more efficiency and speed, and expand their bottom line.

It is a complete end-to-end point of sale solution that makes taking in-store payments and online payments painless, by capturing key business information and offering all the benefits of more expensive point of sale systems. sale without the high selling point price tag.

TowersPay’s Retail POS Systems also offers processing applications free of charge, allowing you to focus on managing your customers and advertising on social media easily from anywhere. TowersPay helps drive and build your retail business, keeping you close to your customers and improving your performance.

A complete POS system for retails that is easy to use

Lowest fee per pass

Keeping our pass fees low is our specialty because we believe that retailers who maintain more revenue will be able to grow their business at a rapid rate. When you win, TowersPay wins.

Easy out of box setup

Set up your new store POS solution and start taking payments in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. Email transaction summaries to your customers to improve customer service and support.

Best versatility

Access your business data from any Internet-enabled Android device, even on the beach! Manage transactions, stock, profitability, and customer information even when you’re on the go. Just connect to WiFi and you’re ready to go.

Free marketing tool

Advertise your business with the included marketing suite. Create coupons and sales templates, and track promotions, all with ease. Pay no more for expensive marketing tools, let us include them for you at no cost!

Inventory management

Our modern terminals have an unlimited number of references that can be entered, so the sky is the limit. Don’t be locked into a maximum number of items your registers can handle. Add new items and products to your stock or menu at any time with TowersPay.

Complete Back Office

Tracking your customer management and CRM data is made easy with TowersPay’s customized global payment solutions for retailers and our eCommerce platform. Our specialized systems are designed with simple, detailed reports and charts to help you keep existing customers and attract new ones.

Here to help

If you’re running a new business, we at TowersPay know you have many decisions to make. You have to set up an eCommerce store, create custom pricing plans, and find a credit card processing company you can trust. We want to make this new stage as easy as possible for you, and we offer customer support to improve your experience.

Alternative payment methods

If a POS solution doesn’t seem like it for you and your retail business, you may have better luck with the standard terminals with credit, debit, and gift card readers, also offered by TowersPay. If you have any questions about anything in this article or would like to learn more, check out our blog’s library of resources or get in touch and chat with us.

Common prices and rates of the competition

Many other payment processing companies choose to use interchange-plus pricing, which basically charges a markup on top of an upfront fee or service charge for additional commission.

Keeping your customers can also make commissions lower. Compliance with PCI regulations will result in fewer fees. PCI compliance rates result from a company not maintaining adequate security standards. So staying safe will actually lead to fewer fees overall.

Many small businesses choose to use square POS systems for their business. It provides an easy and convenient way for small businesses that do not process a large number of transactions per month to process transactions. Where Square for Retail falls short, however, is in the fees they charge. They tend to charge higher fees, which is one of the reasons it’s mostly smaller businesses that choose to process in-app payments with them. Your rates will increase as your business grows.

For businesses that primarily sell products online, many establish an integrated eCommerce website through Shopify POS software. They are popular for their lower fees than other online processors. However, they fall short in offering brick-and-mortar POS systems.

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You may qualify for a free POS system for restaurants!

Click here to find out if you qualify for a free system.

Features of our retail POS system

TowersPay has some of the most powerful POS software on the market, and we pride ourselves on the feature set of our specialty products. Take a look at some of the key POS features below.

Integrated processing

With the TowersPay Retail POS System, credit card processing is already included, so you don’t have to worry about an additional terminal next to your POS system.

Unlimited inventory

Always add enough space for wherever you take your business in the future. With unlimited inventory built into the system, you’ll always be ready for whatever comes your way.

Email or print receipts

Make sure you can deliver receipts for your transactions in the format most preferred by each of the customers you meet. Email it and sign them up on your mailing list, or provide them with a physical receipt with printers.

Easy and secure payments

Every payment you accept is secure from start to finish, so you never have to worry about your data being compromised. Protect your customer database the way you want your data to be protected through our feed systems.

Simplicity Defined

Employees today are used to a touch screen environment, and the TowersPay Storefront POS solution gives your staff the familiarity to accept payments through an in-store POS system they know and expect without any hassle. type of training required on the devices. If they have any knowledge of tablets, such as an iPad, they will have no problem using the software. Help your staff help you.