Dual Pricing

Get more profit

Dual Pricing

Say goodbye to processing fees and hello to more profits with Dual Pricing! Our Dual Pricing program exists to help business owners get rid of those profit-cutting credit card processing fees. It is not a surcharge but a discount given to cash-paying customers.

Balance the rising costs of processing fees with Dual Pricing

Merchant processing fees are offset by the amount charged to customers who pay by credit card. They will have two payment options to choose from, cash or credit.

Chargeback Protection

How It Works

prices of goods and services
and services

All goods and services are discounted for customers paying in cash. Our technology provides two separate prices that are clearly displayed on both the terminal and the pin pad, showing the customer the discount when paying cash.

Signage Display

Display a notification to the customer at your point of entry and at your point of sale to clearly inform customers of the pricing and potential savings of paying cash.

Cash vs. Card

The dual pricing program allows merchants to offer two different transaction amounts to customers who pay with cash instead of paying with a card. The two separate prices are displayed at the terminal showing the customer the discount applied when paying with cash, making the transaction transparent and legally compliant.

Eliminate processing fees

Display a customer notification at your point of entry and at your point of sale to clearly inform customers of the pricing and potential savings of paying cash.

What is included

Dealers who sign up for our Dual Pricing program receive.

Free equipment!

A compliant terminal ready to process dual pricing transactions.

Display Notice

A customer notice can be placed at your point of sale so your customers are properly informed.

Personal account manager

To set you and your team up for success, they will provide you with training materials and answer any questions you may have.

Ready to ditch merchant processing fees for good?

Dual pricing is not new. Many gas stations across the country have been offering both cash and credit pricing for more than a decade. The benefit to the business owner is no secret. When companies offer dual pricing, they retain 100% of the cash price of each product they sell, regardless of how the customer pays. That’s great for the business owner.

Unfortunately, until now, true dual pricing was not available to most retailers and restaurants due to the limitations of POS software to support dual pricing and the unpredictability of the exact cost of payment processing on each transaction. Therefore, business owners with many different items or SKUs could not know exactly how to price merchandise under a dual pricing model. More importantly, business owners could not offer dual pricing while providing a beautifully transparent and enjoyable customer experience to their valued customers. All that has changed!

It takes 3 things for a business to execute a true, honest, and transparent dual pricing program.


  • A business owner is willing to take the time and care to present a beautiful customer experience to all of their valued customers. Your customer deserves to know how much each product will cost when they decide to purchase it.
  • A merchant service provider, such as NAB, offers a flat rate percentage that aligns with the difference between regular and cash prices with no additional charges. You need to know the cost of each item to price it correctly.
  • A POS system capable of supporting a dual pricing model with a regular price and a cash price for each product or SKU in a business, while providing the accurate reports needed to support business operations.

The business owner’s experience

The benefit of the Dual Pricing program for the business owner is that he no longer has to worry about the rising costs of accepting payments. He gets the same benefit as if all transactions were cash. We simply retain the difference between the regular price and the cash price to pay all processing and program costs for you.

All the fees you are used to with your current payment provider, such as PCI compliance fees, batch header, transaction and statement fees, etc., are included in your flat fee and there are no surprises.

Your customers will pay normally and your POS will keep a running total of both regular and cash pricing. When your customer chooses their payment method, the POS will print the itemized ticket with the correct corresponding prices.

Your customer’s experience

Your customer’s experience: your customers will love what you offer and fully disclose both pricing options throughout their experience. They will love that you offer them the option to pay cash and save from the regular price. If they pay cash they will get an itemized receipt with the cash price and if they don’t pay cash they will get an itemized receipt with the regular price.

Many consumers and businesses today want to resist the move to a “cashless society” for a number of reasons. However, as much as they theoretically resist the move when they pay the same prices in both cash and electronic payments, they still bypass their cash to get their rewards on their purchases and you, the business owner, end up paying for it. Therefore, these conscientious consumers are delighted to see you offer them savings of 4 or 5 cents on the dollar to pay cash.