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When choosing a payment processor for your restaurant, make sure that you are aware of the costs involved. Avoid frequent mistakes and ensure that there are no hidden charges. A POS company that seems to offer low processing rates could be actually charging more than it seems with hidden costs. If the low rate seems too good to be true, it might just be.

Much of those costs can come if not enough production is met per month. Many payment systems will demand monthly minimums for you, as the business owner, to meet. If the monthly sales minimum is not met, they will then demand a fee. You might monitor trends in the future where your costs rise from where they stand in the current day.

We know that you want to save more of your hard-earned money and revenue. Who doesn’t? As a payment processing company that does business with a plethora of restaurants and bars of every size, you’ll be happy to learn that we bring experience to your industry.

A Complete Restaurant POS System That’s Easy To Use

POS Capabilities

POS terminals are much more than just card readers that accept credit cards and debit cards. They can help determine processing volume, help with restaurant stock control, and track inventory while keeping track of recurring billing transactions for all types and sizes of businesses.

Lowest Swipe Fee

Many other POS for restaurants features much higher swipe chargers. We keep our per swipe processing charges low because we feel that a merchant account that can keep more revenue will be able to grow it’s business faster.

Easy Setup

Set up your new Restaurant Management POS System and start to accept payments in the time it takes you to brew a cup of coffee. Print or email receipts to your customers upon checkout for strong customer service.


TowersPay Restaurant POS System solution allows you to access and control your business data from any internet-enabled Android tablet or device. No matter if you’re on the beach or out to lunch, you can manage your operations through mobile credit card processing, a mobile app, or a mobile POS platform.

Gift Card Management

Every TowersPay Restaurant Management System enables your business to use and accept gift cards. With this added convenience, you can add to your cash flow faster while encouraging brand loyalty.

Table Management

Make it easy on your servers with easy-to-read color-coded table status. Identify seat positions as well as recognize orders for takeout and delivery with ease.

Truly Customizable

Allow for unlimited digital menu screens using photo and text elements. We bring easy-to-use item modifiers and split tickets, as well as the ability to enter special customer notes with line item discounts and subtotals.

We’re Here to Help

If you are a new business owner, we at TowersPay know that you have many business decisions that you’re required to make. You have to create an online store or shop, build a cost plan, obtain business loans from financial institutions, and search for a POS provider that you can trust. We want to provide help and even tips and insights so that you can conquer those business decisions with ease.

Restaurant POS Systems For Any Type of Restaurant

Whether you’re operating a fast, casual restaurant, a table service restaurant, or a fine dining establishment, TowersPay has the restaurant management POS software to meet your needs as a restaurant owner or manager. Whatever your restaurant type, TowersPay can offer help.

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Features of our Secure Restaurant POS System

“Fire” Option For Kitchen

With TowersPay’s Restaurant POS solution and a compatible kitchen receipt printer, you get a POS solution that puts your servers and your kitchen in better sync than ever before. Orders are made exactly on time and your guests get incredible service that turns them into repeat business! Plus, we provide setup and troubleshooting assistance to get you started and help you learn how to get the most out of your new printer.

Unlimited Number of Items

Many other POS systems for restaurants and bars can hold your operations back with limitations. With the TowersPay POS terminal, the sky is the limit. Be ready for whatever comes at you with the ability to feature an unlimited number of items or SKUs. We believe that your new Restaurant POS hardware should be ready for your business today, and be able to grow with you as your company grows.

Some restaurant POS hardware includes back-of-house features that help with dining menu management, employee management, reservation management, payroll tracking, staff management, and inventory management. Many are additionally compatible with kitchen display systems and kiosks.

Complete Back Office

TowersPay’s POS Restaurant software platform can include an entire modern back-office suite with maintenance, reports, and charts. The built-in software features include business intelligence, which can help you track sales by department, product and item sales by date, hour, and clerk, as well as all credit transaction details, customer data, sales data, and even X/Z register reporting integration. Some will even include a cash register or cash drawer. With so many robust, key features and capabilities, it allows you to control and customize your restaurant business with ease. Additionally, whenever it’s not in use, there is the choice of putting it in offline mode to conserve power.

Email or Print Receipts

In TowersPay’s experience, customers enjoy having options at all times. It makes them happy. Many customers still like to get a paper copy, while others would rather go paperless and receive it in an email. With TowersPay’s management solutions for restaurants, both options are available to the customer. POS programs are compatible with receipt printers, so just hook one up and provide your customers that choice. Giving consumers choices, like between a paper receipt or one through email, is a key ingredient in growing your restaurant and shows your customers that you care about their preferences.