Please review our frequently asked questions before submitting your request for contact.

1-Who is TowersPay?

Is a DBA of Rainclick Inc, legally registered on Florida state.

2-When was TowersPay created?
Created 4 years ago by experienced partners with more than 20 years of experience in processing.
3-To which others companies is TowersPay associated with?
With the mejor wholesalers processing companies in the industry. Same companies are used by banks to offering same services.
4-Would my business have benefits with credit card processing?
Absolutely yes, digital processing will give benefits in this current time where technology is putting aside physical money.
5-Do TowersPay use contract?
Depending in customer’s industry. Most of the industries require it for 2 years.
6-How TowersPay can save me money?
Making transparent and affordable offers. We analyze every business as unique.
7-How long my rates are good?
As long as you process with TowersPay.
8-When TowersPay charge processing fees?
It is your choice, completely up to you. You may choose either manual batch or have your account settings to auto batch.
9-Can I have online access to my Account?
We have an online portal for our clients where they may view all their transactions.
10-What are the hidden fees?
We are totally transparent, WE DO NO HAVE HIDDEN FEES. You get what you see.
11-How does Towerspay ensure the security of online payments?

Towerspay uses advanced encryption and security measures to protect all online transactions.

12-What types of payment solutions does Towerspay offer?
Towerspay offers a wide range of payment solutions including credit card processing, e-wallets, and mobile payment options.
13-Can I integrate Towerspay into my existing e-commerce platform?
Yes, Towerspay provides seamless integration with various e-commerce platforms for easy setup and use.
14-Is there a customer support team available for assistance with Towerspay services?
Yes, Towerspay has a dedicated customer support team available to assist with any inquiries or issues.
15-How quickly are funds processed through Towerspay's online payment system?
Funds processed through Towerspay are typically deposited into your account within 1-2 business days.
16-Does Towerspay offer multi-currency support for international transactions?
Yes, Towerspay supports multiple currencies for convenient international transactions.
17-What fees are associated with using Towerspay's payment solutions?
Fees vary depending on the type of transaction, but transparent pricing is provided upfront to clients.
18-Can I access detailed reports and analytics for my online transactions through Towerspay?
Yes, clients have access to comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to track and analyze their online payments data.
19-How much money can you really save me?

Depending how much you currently process ( attained from your most recent statement).