Chargeback Protection Guaranteed for Merchant Gateway

In the event of chargeback protection, merchants have little or no protection, UNTIL NOW.
We now offer our merchants chargeback protection against fraudulent transactions, EMV liability shifting, chargebacks, and even chargeback fees of up to $ 1,000.

This program is not an extra fee, but an optional benefit that protects you against the chargeback losses you already experience today. The savings from a chargeback can cover the cost of the program for years.

Unlike other programs, this program is backed by insurance and is not subject to extensive qualification requirements for payment of claims.


  • Fraudulent chargebacks
  • Failed transactions
  • Shifting responsibility for EMV (including oil)
  • Chargeback rates
  • Fraudulent ATM withdrawals
  • Includes national and foreign merchants
Chargeback Protection

Merchant data security

We’ve created the industry’s most comprehensive merchant data security protection program for PCI and HIPAA compliance. Unlike other basic breach protection programs, coverage is not just limited to response costs.


  • $ 100,000 Merchant Data Security Program
  • Card brand evaluations, fines, fees, and penalties
  • Forensic costs (PFI)
  • Notification costs
  • Cost of reissuing cards to customers
  • Credit supervision
  • QSA services as required by the card brand


  • Regulatory assessments, fines, fees, penalties, including HIPAA
  • Refund of charges after the violation (including fees)
  • Protection of personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Legal defense costs to defend regulatory action
  • Legal advice for notifications
  • Crisis management and public relations
  • Data restoration
  • Cyber ​​extortion and ransomware costs
  • Equipment/software updates