Our Beauty and Fitness POS systems are beautiful inside and out.

Help your customers find their happy place.

Get the best Beauty and Fitness POS systems. Fitness, health, and beauty routines are meant to be relaxing or energizing, never stressful. So don’t let a bad POS encounter ruin your customers’ experience. TowersPay offers a customized salon point of sale and gym POS system that is as modern as it is functional.

Beauty and Fitness POS systems
A nail salon POS system that you can place on a countertop.
A salon POS system that technicians can run themselves.
POS systems for gyms and salons that are mobile for customers work on the go.

Relax, we have the perfect POS system for your beauty or fitness business.

Providing a seamless payment experience is an important part of cementing your customer relationships. You also want to ensure fast, reliable, and secure transactions, especially for busy customers who are in a hurry. Our fitness, health, and beauty POS systems help you do just that.

Smart POS systems and terminals.

Let customers quickly and easily view their purchases, make a payment, sign, and tip on a second screen facing outward with our smart POS systems. Or, let your employees carry our smart terminals with them and accept customer payments on the go.

Mobile Bluetooth credit card readers.

Add our credit card readers to smartphones and tablets to accept payments anytime, anywhere. These are great for traveling to your customers, trade shows, or anywhere other than your store.

Acceptance of checks and gift cards.

If you have a diverse customer base, you may have customers who prefer to pay by check. You can also grow your business by selling and accepting gift cards, which are a must in the health and beauty industries. Fortunately, TowersPay’s health and beauty salon POS systems allow you to integrate check acceptance and gift card programs.

EMV point adjustment.

Depending on the services you offer, you may need to give customers the option to tip. Eliminate any inconvenience that may be associated with tipping by using our EMV tip adjustment feature. It allows customers paying with their EMV chip cards to add a trip to their total after the dive has been completed. That means no more confusion about tips, which can help reduce chargebacks.

Accept payments at your gym or salon with TowersPay payment processing.

TowersPay’s gym and salon POS systems are easy to use and beautifully designed, making them a perfect fit for any health or beauty environment. Set up a free consultation with one of our friendly representatives today so we can help you beautify the payment side of your business. With rates starting at just 0.29%, detailed analysis (via our secure online merchant portal), and 24/7 live customer support, there’s never been a better time to partner with us!