Franchise Credit Card Payment Processing

Franchise Credit Card Processing Made Simple

Franchise Credit Card Payment have unique needs, and that’s precisely why we offer you unique services. We support a wide variety of point-of-sale systems through our merchant account services so you can offer more solutions, more often, in more franchise storefronts.

A simple merchant experience also means aiming for reliable payments and solid security. At least it does for us. With more and more customers sharing, shopping, and researching from all points, we put security front and center to help prevent everything from breaches to less-than-perfect experiences.

Franchise Credit Card Processing

Payment processing is tailored to the specific needs of your franchise.

The entrepreneurial spirit is what drives our business and yours. As one of the nation’s largest electronic payment processors, we offer products that are ready to work today and in the future. Credit and debit processing? mobile apps, advisory services, data security, gift cards, loyalty programs? We’ve got you covered. We’ll even train you to ensure a smooth transition.

Let your customers pay the way they want to pay.

When you’re deciding between a traditional POS system that accepts credit and debit cards or the latest in technology that allows customers to pay with their smartphone or other devices, think about how your customers, both current and future, would like to pay. Payments now go beyond credit and debit cards. Consider ACH payments, eWallets, and other alternative forms of payment for your business.

Consider choosing a franchise merchant account that allows your business to accept today’s most popular payment options, including mobile wallets, to attract new and young customers, as well as keep your existing customers coming back again and again. Today’s consumers expect the latest in payment processing options, and paying at your franchise is no exception.

More sales, please.

Worldpay offers convenient and secure experiences, whether your customers shop in-store or online. Because, simply put, the more payment types you accept, the faster you’ll attract new customers. If you want franchise credit card processing that better serves customers, increases sales, and streamlines your business through real-time reporting and analytics, we’re ready to get started.

When you choose us for your merchant processing services, we will strive to provide you with:

  • Reliable and secure credit and debit card processing.
  • Streamlined payments, accepted from multiple POS locations
  • Specially designed reporting for franchisees, with store-level reporting and more
  • 24/7 live email and phone support, including major holidays
  • Comprehensive troubleshooting and actionable alerts to help you quickly resolve payment issues
  • Backup processing protection to protect your business in the event of a network outage

Get payment solutions for your franchise.

Types of Commercial Accounts – Franchising

Franchise businesses are expected to continue to grow in the coming year, and our team here at Towerspay can help you take your franchise to the next level with secure and efficient commercial franchise services. Whether you’re starting a new business or looking for ways to provide more flexibility for your customers, we’re here to help you here at Towerspay.

There’s always competition, so it’s important to offer a variety of payment options so you can gain a competitive advantage by making your products or services more accessible. Start accepting all major credit card brands with some of the lowest processing rates available.

We’ll also connect you with solutions in check processing, debit, and even ACH processing that allows your customer to transfer funds directly from their account to yours. All of our payment processing solutions are scalable to meet your specific needs, whether you’ve been doing business for years or are just starting out. Here you will find customized franchise merchant services to help your business succeed.

No matter where you are in the country, our team can help you find the right solutions to reach more customers with your brand. We’ll make sure you can process payments securely and efficiently with a variety of POS and mobile processing equipment options.

Our robust technical support team will cover any questions or concerns you have at any of your franchise locations; that’s 24/7 assistance from a knowledgeable and skilled team ready to provide a quick solution for your needs and the needs of your entire team.

Wherever your team is located across the country, we can ensure they process payments securely and efficiently and find the right solutions. Whether you or your team needs implementation assistance, or you have a question about POS equipment, you’ll find the support you need here at Towerspay.

We offer credit card processing franchise options and a host of support and benefits that come with it, including:

  • Loss Prevention / Internal Risk Management
  • Zero set-up fees
  • Low processing fees
  • No monthly fees
  • All processing solutions backed by PCI DSS compliance
  • Established industry-leading quality of services
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Scalable services for franchise merchants

If you’re ready to get started with our top-rated processing services, or if you’d like more information, simply fill out the form to the right or call our team at 1-833-872-9636. Our team of experts is ready to help you identify which commercial franchise services are the best fit for your business.

Accept more forms of payment on your credit card processing franchise

Would you like to accept more forms of payment in your franchise, but are concerned about receiving additional fees? Fortunately, you’ve landed in the right place: we’re not in the business of surprising our franchise customers with hidden fees and monthly charges. We understand that running a franchise is a hectic but rewarding business, and our goal is to provide you with cost-effective solutions that save you money and deliver long-term value.

You won’t have to worry about deciphering your monthly statement. Every charge and fee for credit card processing is clearly defined and easy to understand. Nor will we try to lock your franchise into a long-term contract or try to punish you with cancellation fees. Our mission is to earn your business for years to come with reliable service and strong support.

Credit card processing franchises can begin to offer more options with major credit card brands, which include:

  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Debit
  • American Express® Debit
  • Discover®
  • Diners Club®
  • JCB
  • Corporate Level 2 and Level 3

Start offering your customers more choices and grow your business in the process. Enjoy low processing fees, no sign-up fees, and no monthly fees with Towerspay. Our team is here to help you find the secure payment processing solutions you need to keep business flowing and provide faster transaction times for your customers.

Our team can work with you to identify the most favorable credit card processing methods for your business, so you and your entire team can save time and money. Get solutions whether you accept payments in-store, over the phone, online, or on the go.

Here you will also find a variety of payment processing solutions that go beyond credit cards. Let your customers pay by check, debit card, or other electronic payment options. Our team will help you find new ways to process payments that provide even greater flexibility for your customers and your entire team, including:

  • Pay by phone
  • Online payment options
  • Mobile credit card processing
  • Card-not-present processing
  • ACH electronic payment options
  • Virtual terminals
  • Upgraded point-of-service equipment

Not sure what equipment or solutions you need? No problem: our expert team will work with you directly to find the POS equipment or other processing solutions that work best for your business. And you can count on the ongoing security of every payment you process through our services: all of our processing solutions are fully PCI DSS compliant and backed by robust 24/7 technical support. Our team is available anytime you have a question, concern, or need assistance.

Choose POS equipment for your franchise

There are many options for processing payments on or off-site here at Towerspay. For a retail environment or any storefront that sells goods or services, a POS terminal is the most popular choice. Our physical terminals are easy to use and provide the experience your customers expect with a pin-pad, a screen, and a printed receipt.

Depending on your connectivity preference, the IP-based terminal or the dial terminal will work best. A dial-up terminal is an option if you don’t care if your phone line is used for processing or if you have a dedicated line on your terminal. An IP-based terminal gives you faster processing speeds and works with your existing Internet connection: it is the most favorable option for many merchants today.

Sometimes you don’t need or prefer physical terminals, and in those cases, you want a virtual terminal. With a virtual terminal, your team can process payments directly from a laptop computer using our ChargeEasy service and a USB-connected magnetic stripe reader. Your customers can also make payments over the phone with keypad entry options for processing at the virtual terminal.

Today, many businesses are looking for additional flexibility to move around the store and provide more personalized service to their customers. Businesses that provide services or travel also need greater flexibility, which is why a wireless terminal is often the preferred choice.

A wireless terminal is easy to carry and has a pin-pad, a screen, and receipt printing capabilities. The difference is that instead of being connected to the Internet or a landline phone, a wireless terminal processes payments through cellular communications. Enjoy greater flexibility to reach your customers wherever they are with wireless terminals.

The other option for franchises on the go is mobile credit card processing. Get complete mobility without having to worry about losing your equipment – all you need is a small swipe device that connects directly to your cell phone or tablet. All your payments are processed securely through our easy-to-navigate mobile app and fully PCI DSS compliant processing.

As with all of our payment processing services here at Towerspay, our team backs up our reliable service with 24-hour support. Get the help you need without worrying if you’ll catch us out of the office. We know that most franchise companies serve their customers past 9 am.

Do you have an Online Store? Start getting paid and reach more customers for your franchise!

If you ever considered taking your business online for even more opportunities, now is a great time to start. Through our payment gateway services, you can accept online payments securely and seamlessly. Our team helps you integrate our solutions to start accepting credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks online.

With a payment gateway for a franchise merchant account, your customers can log in to your site and pay in advance for an in-store pickup or purchase for delivery – you set the parameters and enjoy the additional sales potential.

Staying organized has never been easier with our user-friendly platform that allows you to view visual reports, maintain customer accounts and view online statements. Our team can help you start accepting payments online and watch sales increase in the coming year. More people than ever are looking for local businesses online and we can help you connect with this demographic. To learn more about our online payment gateway solutions, simply fill out the form to the right or give us a call at 1-833-872-9636.

Contact us today for merchant franchise services!

At Towerspay, we have a variety of merchant franchise services that will provide you with new solutions for greater business efficiency. With zero setup fees and great rates, it’s a great time to get started with our commercial franchise services, which include:

  • QuickBooks integration
  • Payment Gateway
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Automated Clearing House
  • Software Integration
  • International Payments

If you would like to learn more about how our merchant services can help your franchise, simply contact us.