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We are a credit card processing company that serves all mayors industries when they need assistant with the payment solution

eCommerce Credit Card Payment Processing

Electronic commerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. E-commerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any type of business transaction that is facilitated over the Internet.

While e-business refers to all aspects of operating an online business, e-commerce specifically refers to the transaction of goods and services.

Retail Credit Card Payment Processing

Anyone in the world of retail knows how crazy it can be. The pace is fast, it never stops, and customer demand can be a bit overwhelming at times. With the right payment systems and processes, that stress can be greatly reduced. We love working with retail stores to create a system that addresses your biggest challenges and turns pain points into moments of ease for you and your customers.

Restaurants’ Credit Card Payment Processing

The food and beverage industry makes up a huge part of the market, especially in ever-growing metropolises like Denver. From credit card processing to the ever-important PoS system and other solutions needed to keep your restaurant or bar on the cutting edge of what people expect and what makes your business run smoothly, we’ve got you covered.

Quick Serve Credit Card Payment Processing

With our smart point of sale, customers can quickly and easily view their purchases, make a payment, sign, and tip on a second, outward-facing screen. There’s also our smart terminals – our “all-in-one” credit card readers are ideal for counters, breaking queues, or accepting payments “on the go.” We even offer Bluetooth card readers that transform your employees’ smartphones or tablets into mobile POS solutions. All of our solutions come preloaded with our free, industry-leading app, which includes.

Beauty & Fitness Credit Card Payment Processing

TowersPay’s POS and Marketing solutions can help your fitness salon or business look and function well. You’ll make sales easier, see information to make your business more profitable, and use tools to increase loyalty and repeat sales – all with the support of a partner who is committed to your success.

Healthcare Credit Card Payment Processing

Finding the right credit card processing system for your doctor’s office can be challenging if you can’t search for answers or read between the lines of sophisticated marketing material. And many of those who currently accept credit cards are looking at their statements and wondering if there is a better option. If you don’t have a good yardstick for comparing costs or understanding what you should (and shouldn’t) pay for credit card processing, this article is for you. We’ll walk you through some difficult concepts and give you a better understanding of what to look for early on.

Hospitality Credit Card Payment Processing

TowersPay is the only commercial processor provider in North America that specializes in hotels. At Hospitality Payments, we love hotels, motels, inns, and extended-stay properties – specializing in merchant credit card solutions integrated with the business’ own PMS (Property Management Systems). We are able to offer a wide range of EMV Chip & Pin solutions available anywhere in North America. Our team has extensive experience with the leading hotel PMS systems – including the latest EMV solutions certified with LightSpeed, SynXis, Maestro, and Opera, among others.

Government/Utility Credit Card Payment Processing

TowersPay facilitates electronic payment of government obligations and utilities. Our system allows the use of your card to pay for government or utility obligations. With our payment solution, you can pay for: taxes, utility bills, tuition, licenses, fines, and fees. Our four-tier system allows you to make a payment Online; through an IVR; through our LIVE operators; or at the agency counter!

Enterprise Credit Card Payment Processing

Digital technology is transforming the payments industry and creating a highly competitive market. Due to the saturation of the business services sector, finding a fintech company that can support an enterprise business can seem cumbersome. With more locations and a larger business model to support, innovation, convenience, and faster payment solutions are a must.

Franchise Credit Card Payment Processing

Our directors are Certified Franchise Executives who have extensive experience assisting franchise-based businesses with strategic advice and project management related to electronic payments and loyalty programs. We are proud to be a member of the International Franchise Association and the Electronic Transactions Association and serve on various technology and security councils and committees for each.

Wholesalers’ Credit Card Payment Processing

TowersPay also offers a full suite of solutions for all electronic transaction processing. This includes a full range of transaction types, methods, and locations to accommodate all merchants. Wholesale Payments Inc. is poised to become your complete point of sale facility that meets all of your point of sale needs.

Professional Services Credit Card Payment Processing

Professional services business owners have a unique set of needs when it comes to credit card processing. Get paid faster with easy invoicing, recurring billing, and secure payments. Plus, access advanced analytics and business intelligence to power your company. Save up to 40% with TowersPay’s credit card processing.