Today’s point-of-sale systems are nothing short of a miracle. They partner with you to facilitate secure payments, streamlined inventory ordering, and smooth interactions with your employees. However, that’s not even half of what the right POS solution is capable of. Perhaps most crucial of all, it can serve as the hub that can drive your customers’ satisfaction levels through the roof.

Start a loyalty program that is easy and intuitive

One of the best things about smart POS systems is that they come preloaded with a robust set of customer management tools. Use them to quickly enroll your customers in a fun loyalty program that will reward shoppers for spending money in your store.

Centralize complete customer details to increase shopper engagement

Your POS solution should be able to store numerous types of shopper data, including contact details, dates of birth, purchase history, social media links, and even hobbies and interests. Users who give you permission to collect and store these details have already demonstrated their enthusiasm for becoming part of your communication network. So why not keep them engaged by sending them targeted promotions that reflect their buying preferences, acknowledging their birthday, or celebrating them as unique and vital members of the community you’re building?

Segment customers to channel the most relevant information

Today’s POS systems are designed to allow you to separate your shoppers into groups based on their preferences. As you refine your loyalty program, you can divide shoppers into smaller groups based on their tastes and purchase history. You can then use that intelligence to determine the loyalty benefits that would most appeal to each segment. For example, some may prefer points, while other subcategories would opt for free products or a small gift upon reaching a particular points milestone.

Offer your customers timely rewards

While long-term loyalty plans with big rewards may appeal to some, most people want quick gratification. Fortunately, your POS system should be able to provide several levels of rewards that shoppers can aspire to. If they are impatient and want a smaller profit right now, they will be glad your system provides that option.

Your point-of-sale system and integrated customer management tools can give you everything you need to incentivize your guests. When people feel good about shopping at your business, they’re more likely to come back and refer their friends and family as well. That’s the loyalty you’re looking for!